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itunes meme Akira/Yuki [Feb. 24th, 2010|05:54 pm]
Hana Yori Dango Addict Support Group


[music |Jewelry - vari2ty]

1. Pick a character, pairing or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, anid no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

Yes, I know that I only did nine--you guys should be lucky my attention spam lasted that long

Yuki/Akira - Hana Yori Dango

Special Generation - Berryz
Yuki loved Akira, she knew this without a doubt in her mind. She knows that women want sex just as men, and feel just as much lust as them--they just have better control--well, for the most part.

That did not make her any more calm about him watching that older woman sauntering around HER store like she owned the damn place, too high heels making her already long and toned legs seem even longer. The woman had to be at least 30, seriously, who wore that kind of skirt at that age?! She hated feeling this sort of strong jealousy and anger, she really did, and Yuki was known for her calm moods around her often hot tempered friends.
But he was staring at her! With all her pretty glittery jewelry and loud makeup; she was just the type Akira went with before they got together.
Finally she smacked his shoulder resoundly--"If you want her--just go after her!" He turned to her, startled, a completely oblivious look on his face

Weird Friendless Kid - Emilana Torrini
Yuki seemed to exist within all of society's social circle's; while existing completely beyond them at any moment. They all seemed to know very little about her, and they didn't want to ask, well with who her husband is and everything. She got along with everyone, from the mob bosses to the CEOs and their wives; everyone relaxed around Yuki and seemed to trust her almost instantly.

This made them paranoid of her, and because of this, they viewed her as a bit of a bomb or spy. She shared some of their interests, and could argue with them on a level, intellectual playing field--butshe lacked their manipulative coldness and therefore was alien to them

They weren't there - Missy Higgins
The F3 told Akira not to get involved with her. Sure, Domyoji had Makino--but that was rather sudden for Domyoji, he never had a choice--but Akira did. Makino was stronger, Makino was fighter; and Domyoji isn't a mob boss.

Don't get involved with her they said. All her family, all her friends, all HIS family said it wasn't safe. She would be used as a weakness, the lovely dove that she is, she would break, couldn't stand the pressure, the time alone, the hiding it sometimes took--the fighting. He shouldn't do that to her, shouldn't put her through that.

But they weren't there. They didn't understand that when Yuki's skin touched his he didn't see blood on his hands any longer, that when her eyes were locked with his he was finally able to let go, to stop trying to be strong for everyone, to relax and just stop worrying. She took away everything that burdened him

The Garden - Mirah
Akira could not love.

In a fit of uncharacteristic anger he told her that all the blood he had caused to spill had drowned the love in his heart. She was more devoted to him than she ever was to Sojiro, everyone saw this and it made them sick.
He was so cold--it would take so little to make her happy..But he was just so cold towards her.
Worse than Sojiro had ever been, this complete lack of feeling the Akira exhibited towards her made her heart break. All she wanted was love. That was all. Was this all her fault, for wanting so much?

Love IS a Losing Game - Amy Winehouse
Two years. Two years Yuki had spent pining after Sojiro, catering to him every time he called and not caring when he came into her store with other girls; but she had ever slept with him.
It took seven months for Akira to get her in his bed, and he didn't even try.

It took him ten months to forget that he use to call her to say goodnight every night, and eleven months for her to start to cry. It took him a year to forget her altogether.
It took him one minute to erase the voicemail of her crying.

Now that we're done - Metric Station
Akira hated himself for hurting her. Every day when she texted him joyfully, or called him to make sure he didn't forget to eat lunch, and every time she hugged him when they happened to bump into each other.

He told her he didn't love her and that he couldn't stand to live with her, none the less the thought of marrying her.

She was angry; she knew he was lying. Eventually though, if you repeat something enough, you can get anyone to believe it.

He told himself it was better this way, but somehow that couldn't stop him from wanting to pulverize Sojiro when he finally starting seeing her for how amazing she really is.

Where u At - Taeyang
Akira fell in love with her before she fell in love with Sojiro. He knew her before she even knew of Sojiro's existence. They met at a Baked Goods Festival where his mother and sister's had dragged him too.

He saw her, dressed in a pristine white kimono, handing out pastries and helping his sisters decorate cookies, and knew he wanted to see her doing that at HIS house in HIS kitchen for the rest of her days. She was strong and fit, but still so fragile(so pure) next to the company he seemed to keep and he wanted to protect her and make sure she stayed undamaged for the rest of her life.

He didn't know her name; but shen she met his eyes he knew that she would accept him regardless of his crimes and the blood on his hands. He never found her again--until two months later, where he would once again clean up Sojiro's mess that was Yuki's broken heart

Dust Me Off - Tilly and the wall
Everything had gone wrong that day--everything. Money, security, transporation, employees, family, plans; everything had found some way to mess up. He was livid, terrified to go home because he would have yelled at his mother and sisters and couldn't stand that thought, even if they DID have a hand in his anger.

His clothes were dirty, he smelled nasty, he was starving with a blinding migraine that sounded like thunder in his mind. It seemed like there was no way he could fix everything that had gone wrong that day.

When his phone rang his hand immediatly whipped it out and prepared to throw it onto the ground until he saw the name there. Quickly flipping it open he answered it, "Ohio koibito, I miss you--heard you had a bad day. I'm running a bath if you want to join me." Suddenly the storm was clearing and for the first time in what felt like weeks--Akira was smiling.

Chokkan 2 - Morning Musume
Yuki took a deep breath as she finished tying wiping the counter down, replacing her apron on it's hook. Pausing in her work she finally took out her phone and looked at it nervously for several long minutes before opening it and hit the second number on her speed dial, "Akira. May I take you to dinner tonight?" She wasn't going to let an opportunity slip by because she was scared and because of everything he came with.