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Cooking School Part Two! Finally xD [Oct. 27th, 2009|11:36 pm]
Hana Yori Dango Addict Support Group



Sorry this is shorter than the last one! The next will be longer, promise <3

I gotta be honest with you. This is not planned out, the question of the pairing is between RuiYuki and Akirayuki. This is the first HYD fic I’ve written and certainly one of the more unusual pairings I’ve written. Remember I’m always up for constructive crics! It helps me decide where to take this.

Yuki adored Emu and Memu. Truly, from the bottomless depths of her soul, she loved them like the little sisters she didn’t get to have—protecting them, reading them stories, teaching them, picking gifts for them and just playing with them with the same look of pride in her eyes that her brother had when he interacted with her. Largely due to their mother’s influence and the obligatory spoiling they received as Mimasaka children they often drove her crazy, even more so when they were younger, five years ago when they had first met. Luckily though, the two started to grow up,  each developing their own selves and personalities.Even now though, they sometimes exhausted her to her limits. Luckily though, their big brother took good care of her--even when she didn't want him too.

Yuki recalled now, as she watched a rose petal float past her face, how she had first started to get to know the girls. It was while Makino and Domyouji were settle their plans, bonding their families, making plans and handling the company that Akira started bringing his sisters to the dango shop—sometimes more than once a week. He even brought his mother in a few times, who at first had exclaimed happily—“How cute~! Look at all the yummy cakes Akira-kuuun~! We should purchase this shop and put it in our house! Or Yuki-chan can be our personal pastry chief!” Laughing and humoring his mother while looking slightly embarrassed at his mother’s actions even though he knew that his friend understood how his family worked and was going to be the last to judge. Yuki, flustered and flattered, though not entirely sure how to react had bowed and promised to keep the job offer on her mind and to occasionally come to their home to bake the Mimasaka women’s favorite cakes.

But really, Akira, Rui, Yuki, and to a lesser extent Sojirou’s friend ship had begun a great deal earlier than that.  Sure they had been acquaintances, gone to lunches on occasion or other group things but it hadn’t gone much beyond that. The very day after Domyouji proposed to Makino though the F3 were in the Dango shop, the three of them smiling mischievously obviously trying to make themselves look innocent but failing so horribly it was almost too ridiculous to be true. It was then that the official Almighty Weed Operation(their code for their plan, proposed by Yuki, greeted by a ‘you cannot be serious’ look from Sojirou, barely contained laughter but approval from Rui and a round of applause from Akira. She could always count on him to approve of her random ideas) was put into place. When Yuki asked if Shigeru-san would be brought in for help(after all she had more experience with these things than Yuki) she was met with a resounding “No! This is F4 business!” At the confused expression on her face Rui had quietly informed her that the only other person that could be brought in for assistance was Shizuka—her only ‘call a friend’ lifeline. Seeing as the two had hardly spoke before it was hard for Yuki to grasp the thought of calling the elegant and refined Todou Shizuka. Though it was Akira that realized that the younger girl didn’t understand why she was being included, “Yuki-chan is special to us. Like Makino, but different.” Head had leaned close to her, like she knew Rui had often done to Makino, but instead of alarming her or making her feel as if she was being backed into a corner she felt more and more comfortable as Akira came closer. His smile was wide and his eyes bright and comforting, “Yuki-chan has her own special place among us. Not just because you are Makino’s friend.”

That was the first time Akira made her blush. He always seemed to read her so well, knew her insecurities and knew what she got little joys from.  The first time he made warmth spread throughout her body like he had injected it directly into her veins—Akira was like a cup of Hot Cocoa on a cold day, no matter how frigid or alone she felt he made her feel warm and giddy. Like she could handle everything—not like Sojirou, who made her feel like as long as she was with him then she could handle everything—as long as he helped her. No, Akira’s warmth was something that stuck around. Like a talisman.

From then on there had been meetings, meetings with quite a bit of papers and books—Yuki had acquired quite a few wedding planning books—which was funny looking back on it because the wedding itself ended up being quite unique and unlike anything in those books. These meetings were usually held at one of two places: Rui’s house, because it was neutral, Yuki had no bad memories there and neither did any of the other boys it seemed. It was comfortable and spacious, plus his parents seemed the least intrusive of all of the F4—although in retrospect that might be one of the reasons why Rui was so quiet. But that was a riddle to dwell on another day. Their favorite place to meet, though, was definitely Akira’s house. His mother and sisters were always happy to see them, happy to provide them with a variety of food and drinks and of course, unwittingly, entertainment. The best thing was that if Rui fell asleep at Akira’s it was only minutes before his friend’s sisters and sometimes mother were all over that, once when he had been exhausted after just returning home from a trip to Europe to see Shizuka he had woken up with a complete manicure, pedicure and perm.  His lesson was of course learned quickly and the rest of the F4(after changing a few details they even told Makino and Domyouji) were amazed to find the one place that Rui was afraid to sleep.

Yuki’s eyes opened suddenly as a lily floated in just the right fashion to get stuck on her chin. Looking at it oddly, as if it had secretly conspired to latch onto her there and was enjoying it, but one could only stare at a flower suspiciously for so long before dissolving into laughter and that is exactly what Yuki did.  She took a deep breath and submerged herself a little more in the water, her muscles relaxing completely as a bit of hair tickled her cheek.

That’s when she heard it.

A familiar click; a cheerful voice “Happy Thoughts!” and Yuki immediately, suddenly frightened, humiliated and angry all at once ducked down into the water—a squeal escaping her lips as her feet kicked out against the rim of the bath tub and her hands splashed water towards the camera.


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